Take on our macunaima

To photograph Brazil it is necessary to assume our Macunaíma nature, our Carib heritage, our instinctive aesthetic.
To see through the lenses of Guimarães Rosa, Lima Barreto, Euclides da Cunha, Oswald and Mario de Andrade, Glauber Rocha and others.
The new is here in the virgin forest, in the knowledge of our people.
It is necessary to unbury the forgotten Brazil, to cultivate our true roots.
To hunt pictures with the passion of an experimenter.
It is a slow, painful pilgrimage, because the photographer will see a devastated nature and a Brazilian who has succumbed, made of hunger and silence.
But he knows that the closer he gets to his people the nearer he will be to capturing their character.
He needs to venture out to know himself, he needs adversity to celebrate.
While contemplating beauty, he grows as a human being… the more he penetrates the forest, the more restless he becomes.
The true photographer is provocative, he navigates between prophecy and insanity.
His basic ambition is to share beauty and to transform consciousnesses.
Creation is what matters. A fundamental gesture. Something like a search for God.
A trigger-eye.
Another vision that helps me to better understand life. A direct vision, without reason, without purpose.
When I see a child and a tree, it is a child and a tree that are there, in all their nudeness and brilliance.
There are no questions to make, or thoughts. The composition is instinctive. A magic moment.
Intuition tells me what might happen, as André Breton so aptly said.
For me, to photograph is to capture the breath of life.