The aim and the Target

“The true photographer of nature, like any photographer, should choose his path with his heart and tirelessly travel along it, contemplating as a complete person everything that is alive. Totally whole, without a purpose to achieve, without submitting to rules and formulas, without the need to appear brilliant or original. Only like that, authentic and free, can he capture the creative spirit in movement and create beautiful things.
He who dives into the journey of seeing must always keep the doors of his perception open. He knows that before the eternal, he must forget himself. Creation is what matters, the fundamental gesture, a path of knowledge, a powerful weapon for encountering the world.
The creative act is continuous and endless. The always renewed practice of contemplation humanizes the vision, annuls truths, allows inventiveness, enhances the inner self.
The reward is the mystical experimentation of the encounter with beauty. In that fleeting moment the photographer feels something like the Buddhist satori, a moment of revelation, an undefined and marvelous pleasure.
In this respectful relationship with himself, the photographer creates something original and significant, with spontaneity and fluency. The observer merges with the thing observed, the void is installed. What was constrained begins pulsating again, what was once a premonition is now a realization. The purity of his dialogue tells him that in truth, no matter how many photos he takes, how much dust he wipes from his eyes, he will continue walking alone with his camera. But he also knows that he is learning another much larger art: the art of not being anything, of not being more than nothing, of dissolving himself in the emptiness between heaven and earth.

Araquém Alcântara“.